My name is Spinghar Safi. I live near to the city of Cologne in Germany. I left Afghanistan at the age of 17 towards Switzerland and lived there for few years before settling down in Germany.

I have experiences in working with refugees for Federal Office of Migration and Refugees in Germany. I have also worked as system administrator and technical manager for Afghan IPTV. I have experience in marketing and event management. A freelancer and a hobby Graphic designer & Photographer.


Graphics and IPTV streaming
Social work - Refugees
Marketing & Event management

Principles of work

Heart + Head = Hustle

Find ways to work from both your heart and your head, collapsing the divisions between these two aspects of yourself in your work as often as possible. It is the only way to achieve what we call hustle.

Fear Means Go

Distinguish between healthy fears and the kind of barrier fears that stem from your insecurities. Your barrier fears are signals that you need to GO…not away from that which scares you, but toward it.


I bring Know-How from different fields of professions.

IT – Graphics – Media streaming – Events – Social worker – Translation – Refugees & migrants assistance and care – Marketing – IT for Office and Social Media.


7 years of experience in wedding and event Photography.

Translation services

Need help in translating in one of the following languages? Then your are at the right place!

English <-> German <-> Persian/Dari <-> Pashto <-> Urdu


Traditional marketing: advertising, trade show and events, direct mail and other print media

Digital marketing: email marketing, social media, video and all things web.

Web and Media design

Buidling from a personal Homepage to professional Business Shop.

Wedding, Event or just a clip. We will do it for you. Professional video recording and editing.

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